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    If you are here you’re probably taking a break from life and enjoying a few moments to yourself (with a Starbucks in hand if you’re lucky! or maybe a glass of wine if it’s after bedtime!). You’re an amazing mom but understand you can’t do it all and are okay with that. You know what’s important. You’re grateful for the many blessings in your life but you’re probably a little tired too. You love photography and enjoy taking your own photos but photographing your own children the way you’d like is challenging.

    That’s where I come in.

    I believe people are inherently interesting, good and beautiful. Especially children. I love kids. No really. I love everything about them. The snotty nosed, demanding, pouty 2-year old? Love that kid. The awkward tween that’s full of spunk. Love that kid too. The baby that’s kept you up all night and just spit up on your shoulder before you left for our session together? Love that kid! (Oh and I have a bunch of experience with children with autism! Love those kids in particular!)

    I get kids. And kids are drawn to me. I want to get to know your kids and capture their wonderfulness with my camera.

    I love authenticity and strive to capture that in my work. Every session. I do that by leaning into that self-consciousness and getting my subject to drop their guard by engaging with them until that special moment hits and I’m ready with my camera.

    To coax a connection and capture it. That’s my photography style.

    I choose to reside in gratitude. In every aspect of my life. I believe in hand-written thank you notes.

    I believe in personally retouching each image to digitally develop your images the way I pictured it in my mind when I clicked the shutter. I believe in answering my own emails. I believe in working with you to customize your session.

    I value my clients and want to provide you with a stress free experience. An experience you can’t wait to tell all your friends about.

    I get excited by every session and I can’t wait to work with you. If this resonates with you, let’s talk. Poke around the site. Ask questions. Look at images. Read the blog posts. But make sure to sign up on for my e-newsletter and like my page on Facebook. I want to keep in touch with you!

Love… autism style | Twin Cities Child Photographer

This is a little sneak peek for a family I had in the studio recently. This little boy has two brothers also – he’s the meat in the brother sandwich! And I worked hard to get them all together.  But for this peek, I wanted to focus on the very special relationship he has with his parents. What you can’t tell from these photos is this little boy in non-verbal. Which means he can’t communicate in the way most of us do – with words or sounds. It is a hard situation when the person you are caring for doesn’t talk. Frustrating at times for everyone! But what these photos do show is he has tremendous love for his parents. And vice versa.  That speaks loud and clear in these images.  And that my friend, is love, autism style!

What kid doesn’t want their dad to swing them in the air over and over and over again? He had no trouble “asking” to do this again and again. And again. Joy! Delight! Love.

IMG_6444 5x7 bw WEB

And what momma doesn’t melt when her child takes her face in her hands…no words needed to hear the love in this photo.

IMG_6437 5x7 bw WEB

Enjoy this quick sample [M] family – I’ll have more for you soon!

- Tera



Sara Jorgensen Moran - Oh these are so wonderful thank you so much <3

Jada - Great pictures, no words needed to understand. You captured this family as they truly are.

Tera - Thank you!

My Rustic Sunflowers on Minted!

Happy to announce my work is being sold on Minted! Minted holds monthly design challenges and voters rate the best pieces in a highly competitive process. The winning pieces are produced and sold, and the artists earn cash prizes, a place in the Minted collection, and commissions on all sales. I’m really proud of what I created, so please check it out and share it with friends who might be interested!

It’s one of my favorite images that I played around with one day. Just taken in my kitchen with a LensBaby lens. Then textures added in Photoshop to achieve the look I wanted. I love it.

Oh and if you purchase this print and bring it to your next session I’ll sign it for you. Ha! That makes me sound like such a big shot.:)


Visit Minted to order this print for your wall!

Complimentary Autism Friendly Portrait Sessions in April

I know how hard it can be to take a child with sensory challenges to do anything as a family – restaurant, hair cut, grocery store. And forget about a trip to a photography studio for a family portrait session! Who knows what you’ll get and why waste the dollars on something so iffy.

That is why for the month of April (2014), I’m offering complimentary portrait sessions for families affected by autism. No risk. If your child has an off day, no big deal.

The session fee is complimentary but doesn’t include any products. Please review the product guide before applying. Because I know you’ll love your images and you’ll want to purchase a few  (or all of them!).

Why chose Tera Photography for your family portraits? Because I understand autism and I love children – all children. And I want you to have beautiful portraits of your family. Without stress.

Sessions will take place at my natural light studio and is subject to limited availability. You’ll need to contact me to schedule an appointment. I can’t guarantee I will have time to do everyone that applies but I’ll do my best!

Mom & Me Special Edition Sessions

Hey you! Yes, you – the mom with one child on your hip and packing the lunch for another. Maybe you even have a little bit of sticky syrup in your hair from breakfast and you haven’t found time for that every elusive shower just yet. Or are you the frazzled mom who had to race everyone out the door to get to work on time and you barely remember what your children are wearing to school today. You’re an awesome mom but not always Pinterest perfect. Which is ok because you’ve got the best kids! But I bet you are rarely in the photo with your kiddos and if you are it’s a quickly shot selfie with your phone. So how about we remedy that?  Let’s take a moment with freshly washed faces, to celebrate that bond you have with your amazing children. You’ll walk away with beautiful professional photos of your special relationship.

This special edition session always proves to be popular! And just in time for Mother’s Day. (So drop a major hint to anyone needing a present idea that THIS is what you really want this year!)

Sunday, May 4 from 10-1 by appointment at the natural light studio in Burnsville

Black and white images only! This is for two reasons. I find black and white lends itself well to focus on the relationship and interaction of the moment. AND it saves you from having to think too much about coordinating outfits. I want you to come and play with your kids!

2014 Mom & Me Minis

Contact me to set up your appointment!

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